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The Office of Student Affairs affirms to be an effective partner of the entire academic community towards the fulfillment of meaningful, pro-social, and holistic student development program in a humane and globalizing society.

To uphold the University’s vision and mission, policies and programs for total student development;
To unify the diverse student population with integrated year-round programs;
To foster competitive and healthy activities geared towards balanced academic and campus exposures;
To develop student potentials through regularized leadership trainings;
To nurture spirituality and God-centeredness founded on Christian faith;
To enable faculty advisors to effectively manage the organization advisees towards goal accomplishment;
To provide an avenue for full expression of students’ creativity through culture and arts;
To sensitize students with strong social orientation through community outreach and extension services; and
To complement the university’s security measures to promote peace and order in the campus.

Services Offered
Handles traffic of student-related information;
Handles accreditation and evaluation of student organizations;
Approves and monitors student organization activities;
Evaluates and approves materials for posting; and
Assists in all kinds of student problems as deemed fit and proper.