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The Guidance and Counseling Office is under the Student Services Office. Its ultimate goal is to achieve the University’s Vision and Mission Statement through its services, programs and activities geared towards the enhancement and development of the individual. Specifically, it aims to assist the individual in his effort to attain a meaningful and productive life.

The Guidance and Counseling Office envisions to develop and nurture each student in their total development.


In support of the Vision Statement, Guidance and Counseling Office offers services and programs that enable students towards the:
a. achievement of personal adequacy and effectiveness through self knowledge;
b. awareness of their surroundings;
c. mastery of the relationship between themselves and the environment; and
d. appreciation of spiritual, personal and social values.

Services Offered

This service is designed to provide students with appropriate educational, vocational and personal/social data, needed to understand themselves and their environment.

  • Orientation Program for New Students
  • Individual Inventory
  • Symposia / Lectures
  • Collection of brochures
  • Collection of Company Profile
  • Posting of Job Vacancies
  • Entrance Examination;
  • Research on Student Needs and Problems, etc.;
  • Student’s Profile;
  • Personality and Interest Tests;
  • Surveys;
  • Assessment of the Guidance Services and Activities;
  • Program Development.

This service helps to promote individual skills and attitudes necessary for coping with changes in the occupational world.  This further includes students’ awareness of their basic academic skills, decision-making, job seeking, job getting, job holding and development of good work habits and a personally meaningful set of work values.

  • Career Talks/Seminars;
  • Career Orientation;
  • Job Seeking Skills Seminars;
  • Job Fairs (in/Off-Campus);
  • Job Placements/Referrals;
  • On-The-Job Training;
  • Follow-up.

Consultation and referral includes the improvement and enhancement of the learning environment for students by facilitating information and communication among teachers, administrators and staff through a system whereby communication flows effectively among significant persons involved.

The counselors can assist students in assessing and identifying difficulties
and resources available in the University to maximize their learning.

Consultation with parents, administrators, faculty and staff;

Consultation / Referrals to different government and non-government agencies;

Assist referrals from the Discipline Office, Administrators, Faculty, Staff and other concerned individuals.