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The Community Extension Services Office aims to live out the Philippine Christian University’s distinctive Christian character through its partnership with marginalized communities outside of the institution. The program is a university-wide task where the entire University constituencies shall have the opportunity to respond actively by contributing their resources and expertise to the communities being served.

Dynamic communities with residents bonding and working together to create and achieve a conducive and sustainable development, a balanced ecology and a “people-centered” development where persons become personalities enjoying self-reliant and strong communities.


a. To promote a sustainable urban community development;
b. To facilitate partnerships among faculty and staff, students and other university resources in support of strengthening community relationships;
c. To promote the importance and belief in the power of individual families, groups and organizations to act collectively to develop a meaningful life and livelihood that is rooted in spirituality and richness of our culture and nature;
d. To develop committed and dedicated community leaders who put premium on the common good, bridging social divides and fragmentation; and
e. To advance knowledge through research work and apply the concept of Service Learning in improving the quality of human life in responding effectively to social changes and conditions.

General Objectives

Unify both the perceptions of the community being served and the PCU constituents in terms of the community outreach development framework from a Christian perspective. Simply stated, what is seen here is the virtual merger of learning communities and collaborative pedagogy.

This is where the youth and adults in the community as well as PCU administrators, faculty and staff, and students are one in making the community feel their responsibility to face their problems and build on their own capacity to develop a community through shared knowledge, services and responsibility.

Implement the PCU mission statements, particularly the following three which are fundamental in community outreach:

1. become responsible stewards of God’s creation and resources;
2. be responsive to Philippine needs and conditions; and
3. provide education that will enhance the development of Christian character. Community service learning increases the level of social responsibility, develops critical thinking, and examines values, beliefs and understanding of self and others.

Community Programs and Service Learning
In Service-Learning, the University Community Extension Services Office, the Service-Learning Unit and the Community are considered the learning partners. Service-Learning combines community service with academic instruction as it focuses on critical reflective thinking and civic and social responsibilities of the learners. It involves students in organized community service. It is pedagogy of teaching by which students learn and develop through active participation in organized community service. It is dedicated to meeting local community needs, while developing their academic skills, civic responsibility and commitment to the community.

Therefore, it integrates academic study with community service to enrich learning, teach civic and social responsibility and at the same time strengthen communities, while students reflect upon their experiences, learn and benefit from them.

The University Community Extension Office adheres to providing meaningful and sustainable service to the adopted communities and the meaningful learning to the students. Therefore, the office serves as a link to establish relationships with communities and organizations where proper coordination exists between the Service-Learning Unit and the communities.

The Community Evaluation Survey serves to measure the impact of a community based service-learning program on the community partners and the participating students.

The Community Relations Committee and the Community Development
Service Center take care of community outreach. Community Outreach in the University is now integrated – all the different departments/colleges should be able to participate:

a. College of Education and Allied Profession and College of Arts, Sciences and Social Work

  • Leadership training
    Tutoring/values education for the pre-school and the youth
    Adult education for mothers, parenting, stewardship of our natural abundance, and others
    Enriching family life
    Enriching and enjoying spiritual life
    Stress and conflict management
    Drug prevention

b. College of Computer Studies and Information Technology Department

  • Computer literacy for pre-school
    Computer enhancement for the youth

c. College of Nursing and Allied Health and Hotel and Restaurant Management

  • Health education like breast feeding, immunization, cleanliness, etc.
    Cooking tips
    Putting up/starting up a small sari-sari store, etc.

d. College of Business Administration and Accountancy

  • Entrepreneurship
    Livelihood/putting up small businesses
    Marketing strategies
    Basic Accounting/Bookkeeping

e. University Health Services Office

  • Medical and Dental mission
    Sickness prevention
    Tips to stay healthy

f. Athletics Office, General Services Office and Accounting Office

  • Sports Development Program

g. Registrar’s Office, Personnel and HRD and CRIM

  • Documentation
    Preparation of hand-outs, brochures, etc.

h. Chaplaincy

  • Spiritual upliftment and enhancement

i. Student Services Office

  • Training involving the faculty advisers and student organizations in community extension services
    Guidance and counseling needs

j. Graduate Programs

  • Enhance and strengthen the organizations in the community
    Conduct seminar on conflict management
    Organize conflict management core group who will handle conflict management in the community
    Conduct entrepreneurial activities

k. Alumni Affairs Office and PCU Alumni Association

  • Assist or provide Scholarship Programs
    Provide assistance for the livelihood programs of the community.