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The Registrar's Office

Vision / Mission Statement

The Registrar’s Office remains at the forefront of admissions and information – where students, applicants, alumni, parents, private and public organizations come and get information. It is our vision to have this service easily accessible to everyone. This is also the place where documents and records issued by CHED and other government agencies such as the LEB, Department of Foreign Affairs, the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation, and TESDA are kept. Being the custodian of permanent files, the Registrar’s Office intends to use the “access and preserve” approach in records handling. An institution’s legacy is enshrined in its records because they speak of what was done, how it was done, why it was done, when it was done and who did it.


  • a. Quality and Excellence of Service. Provision of quality and excellent service to all clients: students, applicants, alumni, parents and institutions;
  • b. Responsiveness in the transmission of information related to course structures and curricular matrices;
  • c. Access and preservation of permanent and vital records and proper retention and disposition of other collected data in relation to enrollment; and
  • d. Efficiency and effectiveness in the performance of responsibilities in relation to work-related responsibilities.

The office operations of the Registrar’s Office cover the Student Records
& Certification Unit, Evaluation and Reports Generation Unit, Enrollment,
Scheduling, Foreign Student Admission, Graduate Education Evaluation
and Extension Program Unit, Records Management and Data Processing
Unit, and the Administrative and Technical Unit. Maintenance of an effective
admission and registration office requires that these functions be properly
carried out.

The Student Records and Certification Unit issues transfer credentials,
transcript of records, enrollment certifications and degree verification
of academic documents for employment purposes, travel abroad,
scholarship grants, application for board or bar examinations, course
descriptions, verification of the academic records and status of students
and graduates; ensures that transcripts of records are based on
accomplished, evaluated and approved Form 9 and course cluster or
group evaluation requirements form; checks transcripts of records and
Form 9 before these are submitted for signature authority; maintains
students and applicants alphabetical records by school year and creates
new files for freshmen students, transferees, degree holders, and special
students; posts grades manually into the Registrar’s copy of student’s
certificate of registration, processes grade changes, incomplete grades,
report of grades, enrollment changes, and provides document imaging
technology by scanning critical students and applicants’ recurrent
records of documents to optical disks. One (1) Unit Registrar, Student
Records and Certification Unit, One (1) Records Clerk, One (1) Counter-
Window Records Clerk.

The Evaluation and Reports Generation Unit assesses the academic
performance of students to determine year level and credits earned
for purposes of graduation; systematizes academic grades and credits
of students into the Form 9 and undertakes a thorough check against
a prepared evaluation form of academic program course clusters to
determine compliance threshold requirements before the Form 9 is signed
by the Registrar; ensures that the Commission on Higher Education
(CHED) and LEB regulations as well as University policies regarding
sequence of courses, course contents, semester load, residency
requirements, and cross-enrollment are enforced and complied with;
schedules the evaluation of student records and application for graduation every term; advises students to apply for the evaluation of their academic
performance at least one semester/term before their graduation; provides
a bound and notarized (for non-autonomous HEIs) list of graduates to
CHED and LEB every semester or term; prepares the following CHED
Forms in compliance with CMO No. 10, Series 2003, Higher Education
Institutions (HEI’s) Information/Data Collection and submits the same on
or before September 30 every first semester of each school year:
1. CHED E-FORM A – Institutional Profile
2. CHED E-FORM B/C – Student Enrollment/Faculty/Graduates Status
3. CHED E-FORM E-7 – Faculty Statistics
4. CHED E-FORM E-5 – Faculty Profile; and
prepares the following enrollment reports forty-five (45) days after the last
day of enrollment of every term in compliance with CMO No.2, Series 2005:
1. Enrollment List Report for all programs containing course and
major, curriculum year, units enrolled, and gender.
2. Enrollment List Report for foreign students containing course and
major, curriculum year, units enrolled, and gender.
3. Enrollment List for NSTP.
One (1) Unit Regi

Enrollment, Scheduling, Foreign Student Admission, Graduate Education
Evaluation, and Extension Program Unit manages registration activities;
communicates with students about credit registration activities,
processes, policies and procedures; produces each semester’s schedule
of classes and notifies students of dissolved courses, schedule changes
and assigns general purpose classrooms; takes care of the application
for admission and transfer of foreign students, as well as Filipino students
who have undergone studies abroad; processes student’s visa application
from abroad including determination of the validity of admission or entry
documents of foreigners; handles the implementation of government
agencies regulations such as CHED, LEB, BID, and DFA pertaining to
the entry and stay of foreign students in the Philippines; and assesses the
academic performance of master’s and doctoral students to determine
credits earned for purposes of comprehensive examination, thesis and
dissertation compliance threshold and graduation, serves as the official
desk for processing and recording admission requirements, performance
evaluation, comprehensive examination, graduation requirements and
diploma and transcripts of records of PCU cross border and regional
extension programs.
One (1) Assistant Registrar, One (1) Liaison Officer, One (1) Records

Records Management and Data Processing Unit handles records of
enrollment data, computer or structured data collection, storage, retrieval,
and management of records; takes care of data entry activity to maintain
alumni database build-up at the ITD databank; maintains a records
processing center for records inventory and applies the approved records’
retention and disposition policy; conducts periodic records inventory
of inactive and active records; provides document archival imaging of
processed records, and schedules transfer of processed records to the
University Archives.
One (1) Unit Registrar, Records Management and Data Processing
Unit, One (1) Data Entry Clerk, One (1) Records Specialist (Inventory).

The Administrative and Technical Services writes and maintains complete
documentation for all processes, policies and procedures within each
area of the Registrar’s Office, coordinates with ITD in the evaluation of
processes and computer systems within the office and implementation of
new technologies and procedures, coordinates with ITD in the provision of
imaging technology to ensure better access and preservation of records;
coordinates with academic deans regarding academic decisions on credit
transfer equivalency of units earned in other CHED accredited HEIs
and implements the provisions of CHED-TESDA Ladderization National
Certification Scheme; in-charge of the day-to-day administrative operations
and activities of the office in relation to other offices in the University;
carries out academic policies and procedures related to admission and
registration with the concurrence of the academic deans and the Vice
President for Academic Affairs; works with academic deans, department
heads, and other administrators regarding the academic activities of
students, revision of program curriculum, and the offering of new courses;
disseminates relevant CMOs regarding CHED, LEB and TESDA regulatory
guidelines on minimum curriculum contents of academic programs, time
and clustering matrices, and formal submission requirements.
One (1) Registrar, One (1) Records Clerk

Office Hours

In Manila Campus, the Registrar’s Office Hours 

Mondays to Fridays – 8:00AM  to 6:00 PM

Saturday at 8:00 AM to  5:00 PM

In Dasmariñas Campus, the Registrar’s Office Hours 

Monday to Friday  – 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday at 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM