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The Office of External Affairs is a diverse, service-oriented unit committed to expanding the reach and footprint of PCU to the community and the rest of the world through promotion, linkages and networking. Our direction is leading to a principle-centered, people-focused, and customer-friendly Institution.
How the University is perceived both from the inside and from the outside determines our ability to attract students, obtain public support, even secure alternative funding and increase pride in our accomplishments. As such all our stakeholders must have full and clear understanding of what the University has to offer – Maintenance of the facilities, attitudes and behavior of faculty and staff, a student friendly atmosphere and accommodating staff.


a. Position the University as one of the State’s contributor to national development.
b. Promote the University’s academic standards and the pursuit of excellence particularly to potential students:

  1. Orient the Promotion Team;
  2. Form and train the Promotion Team (multi-level and multi-sectoral);
  3. Strengthen the internal sectors’ roles on University promotion by the internationalization/appreciation of what is strongly identifiable and distinctive qualities of the university;
  4. Inform the public what PCU has to offer and what we can contribute to the society:
  • website enhancement;
  • school to school campaign through our Promotion Team;
  • school to school campaign all over Metro Manila and other neighboring schools through the School Guide;
  • press releases with print media;
  • occasional appearance in public affairs-media based program (media mileage);
  • information and relationship-based enhancement of the University through the Christian Monitor, Christian Cord, Blue and Silver and other publications/newsletters;
  • school visitation during Career Week using flyers, posters, brochures, video presentation, streamer, etc.;
  • on-site testing;
  • distribution of dummy diploma to graduating classes; and
  • representation to the UCCP and UMC Annual Conferences

5. Enhances active participation of the Alumni in the total life of the University.

6. Promote, linkages and networking:

Promotion of visibility and goodwill for the University;
Publication of school activities with academe oriented magazine; and
Establishment of local, regional, and international linkages that would put PCU in the forefront of academic and non-academic tasks like membership in associations and federations such as SMI-IC, NCAA, YMCA, PHILCADSA, ACUCA, PIFO, etc.

7. Revive our membership with the International Association of Universities.