PCU Lion Club Oath


1st Row (left to right): Dr. Adonis Andilab, Mr. Mark Jetro Cababan, Dr. Junifen Gauuan, Dr. Margie Dela Cruz, Dr. Vida Jimenez, Ms. Joannah Rosales, Prof. Jeffrey Perida, Ms. Susana Zantua. 2nd Row (left to right): Dr. Joselito Dela Cruz, Dr. Immanuel Managuelod, Ms. Anna Karissa Aviso, Dr. Francis Christie Arnado, Dr. Jeanet Parreño, Dr. Erwin Zabala, Prof. Ariel Pineda, Dr. Roberto Celebre, Dr. Estrellita Bautista, Prof. Mario Miranda II, Ms. Milagros Acebedo, Ms. Glenda Cerbas, Prof. Sandra Navarro, Dr. Putli Martha Ijiran, Dr. Russwell Gariando. Inducting Officer: DG Paulina Tan, MJH

THE world’s renowned business and civic organization Lions Club International launched the Manila PCU Lions Club District 301 – A3 in a well-attended ceremony at the newly refurbished Multipurpose Hall of the Philippine Christian University in its Manila Campus this 3rd day of March 2021.

Leading the much awaited event is University President and Lions Club Charter President Junifen F. Gauuan, PhD who delivered his inaugural address to an audience whose names are the crème – de la – crème in the business and civic organizations not only in the Philippines but in other countries. The well attended launching ceremony saw the likes of Lion Ramon Wong, President, Manila Divisoria Lions Club, Lion Edward Hong, Bishop Emergencio D. Padillo, Chairman of Board of Trustees (PCU), CS Lion Maria Luisa San Juan, DG. Paulina Tan, MJF, guest of honor and speaker, Lion Margie DG Dela Cruz, PhD, PCU’s Director for External Affairs, FVDG Daniel Ching, 2PMJF, PDG Henry Junior Tiu, PMJF, Lion Junifen F. Gauuan, Ph.D., CC/PDG Dr. Elisa Valdez, PMJF, PDG Lolita Corpuz, PMJF, FVDG Daniel Ching, 2PMJF.

Closing the ceremony is Lion Adonis A. Andilab, Ph.D., the University’s Doctoral ­Program Chairperson.

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