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Admission For Foreign Students

The applicant must take the Entrance Test which includes
Mental Ability Test and Achievement Test.

The applicant must submit the following requirements:

  • Original Report Card (with English Translation)
  • Student Study Permit (SPS) from the Bureau of
  • 2 pcs 1×1 ID pictures
  • Official Receipts of the Testing Fee and Foreign Student Fee
Please call during business hours in Manila:
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Vice President for Academic Affairs

Kathleen Rose L. Guimbatan, Ed.D.

Tel. Nos.: (632) 8525-5435  Email: ovpaa@pcu.edu.ph


OIC University Registrar

Ms. Arlene B. Enrique

Tel. Nos.:(632) 8523-2162 Email: registrar.manila@pcu.edu.ph 

Guidance and Counseling office

Gloria C. Nabus

Tel. Nos.: (632) 8526-5107     Email: guidance@pcu.edu.ph

college of arts, sciences and social works

Carmencita M. Dueñas, Ed.D.

Tel. Nos. : (632) 8523-2187        Email: cassw@pcu.edu.ph

College of Business Administration and Accountancy

Dr. Narciso Immanuel C. Managuelod

Tel. Nos. : (632) 8521-3244      Email: cbaa@pcu.edu.ph 

College of Education and Allied Programs

Dr. Jill Valderama, Ed.D.

Tel. Nos. : (632) 8523-2159     Email: cedap@pcu.edu.ph

College of Engineering and Information Technology

Prof. Mardonio M. Agustin, Jr.

Tel. Nos. : (632) 8330-1664        Email: ceit@pcu.edu.ph

College of Nursing and Allied Health

Prof. Edna O. Imperial, R.N.

Tel. Nos. : (632) 8710-4694        Email: cnah@pcu.edu.ph

College of Law

Justice Raoul V. Victorino (Ret.)

Tel. Nos. : (632) 8526-5109     Email: col.manila@pcu.edu.ph

College of Hospitality and Tousrism


Tel. Nos. : (632) 8521-5045     Email: cht@pcu.edu.ph

Extended Tertiary Education Equivalency & Accreditation Program

Dr. Francis Christie C. Arnado

Tel. Nos. :(632) 8523-1540  Email: eteeap@pcu.edu.ph


Dr. Vida D. Jimenez

Tel. Nos.:(632) 8330-1766 Email: online.educ@pcu.edu.ph