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eLearning Programs

The Online Program of the University is designed to establish eLearning to serve the needs of students, faculty, staff and the community of the Philippine Christian University as an educational training organization, for the deployment of innovative curriculum and state-of-the-art learning technology in real courses, and for the development of new learning technologies by theory and validated by observation of practice.

The Online eLearning Program adopts a system of webpage infrastructure in the form of cloud-hosted, open source, access restricted, premium Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) via the NEO Learning Management System (NEO LMS) with https://bluebook.pcu.edu.ph as the official eLearning portal.

This includes assessment, student tracking, collaboration and communication tools used to deliver learning materials via the internet or the World Wide Web. It makes extensive use of templates for course design and development of online courses in accordance with a Course Management System (CMS). It works for the establishment of the Educational Technology Unit to oversee the adaptation and use of the Bluebook cloud-hosted Learning Management System, implement eLearning policies and procedures and conduct technical training to the eLearning staff, teachers, students in close coordination with the University’s EdTech specialists. It aims to achieve international standards associated with the VLE or LMS to help make content and assessment interoperable. The standard for content is called “Sharable Content Object Reference Model” (SCORM) and the standard for assessment is called “Question and Test Interoperability” (QTI). It includes wise management and control of online costs: capital and recurrent, production and delivery, and fixed and variable costs and development of a workable matrix.