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This office is in-charge of student grievance, dropping/re-admission cases, and complaints. It is also concerned with the implementation of school policies relating to the amicable settlement of complaints, grievances, and discipline of students so that the due process clause is faithfully exercised.


To establish and implement disciplinary procedures to ensure the orderly function of the University while safeguarding the rights of the individual student;

To serve in an advisory role to students, staff, faculty and administrators on issues such as academic standards and on the different policies for students.

To hear out complaints of students, parents and employees and notify appropriate personnel for possible remedial action

Services Offered

Process student grievance, discipline cases, dropping and re-admission cases and other complaints and resolve such in accordance with established college policies;

Attend to complaints of students, parents and other concerned parties, including PCU employees regarding the application of college requirements, policies, rules and regulation;

Give advice to complainants on the appropriate course of action to take regarding their complaints;

Give referrals for counseling to offenders;

Approve uniform exemptions and gatepasses, e.g. gatepass for uniform, ID, etc.