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The Center for Research and Instructional Materials aims to:

Train and develop capable researchers in the academe;
Be transparent through proper and timely communication to the Faculty, Staff and other researchers;
Sustain and develop an excellent and viable research culture;
Integrate the expectations of the university and the researchers; and
Provide assistance to research

The CRIM serves as a support system in the implementation of the University Research Agenda (URA).

Among others, its specific duties and responsibilities are the following:

a. Quality Assurance, Publication and Copyrights

  1. Reviews and recommends instructional materials recommended
    by the Textbook Committee for an appropriate action;
  2. Publishes research outputs in the form of journals and other forms
    of instructional media;
  3. Manages copyrights and cataloguing of research outputs and
    instructional materials; and
  4. Computes for authors’ royalty and teachers’ handling fee.

b. Institutional Planning and Development

  1. Collaborates with CHED-Zonal NCR research team and SMI-IC in
    its query for quality researches;
  2. Makes available internal/external data for policy formulation;
  3. Prepares policy papers that serve as guidelines for decisionmaking;
  4. Provides feedback or reaction on implemented policies; and
  5. Recommends corrective actions as needed.

c. Research and Statistical Services

  1. Disseminates communication about research opportunities,
    seminars, and workshops;
  2. Provides undergraduate, graduate and post graduate research
    students with research supervision, infrastructure and support;
  3. Provides technical assistance to student-researchers; and
  4. Trains / assists researchers in questionnaire construction, data encoding, processing and analysis.

Policy Research and Development
a. To look into the issues and concerns of the University and propose
measures to address such; and
b. To establish baseline data in the life and works of the University which
shall guide the policy makers and decision-makers.

Research Networking and Collaboration
a. Collaborates with CHED Zonal NCR research team, SMI-IC in its
query for quality researches, and other universities outside and within
Metro Manila; and
b. Facilitates wide dissemination of the results of research / development
Research Capability Building
a. To enhance the research capabilities of the faculty members, staff,
and students;
b. To attend and echo the essential seminars and workshops of various
research offices from different colleges/universities;
c. To develop modules as alternative instructional aids; and
d. To produce instructional materials.

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