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College of Business Administration & Accountancy

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Knowledge is Power!

Be an entrepreneur equipped, business executive and professional ready individual to face the present and future global challenges. The College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA) programs is aimed at students seeking preparation for a career in business and related fields. These programs provide general knowledge in business from both the theoretical and practical perspectives.  Here at PCU through the College, the students will learn the important skills as effective employees and managers need to be globally competitive to meet today’s market challenges.

The primary contention of the College is to create graduates who can initiate innovation and strategic reforms to their organizations to effectively achieve its goals and objectives.  Students will be able to develop a real-world comprehension of business operations and learn how to become a more effective decision maker, manager, leader and successful entrepreneurs, business executives and professional.  Also, students develop effective skills in strategic thinking, communication and techniques in managing different personalities, crucial tools for a successful career.

Completing any of the programs that the College is offering helps prepare the graduates for position in both the private, public, corporate and governmental sectors.  Irrespective whether your interests lies on management, marketing, entrepreneurship, office administration, finance, human resource management, and accountancy opens myriad opportunity for industries that need people with strong business acumen.

As a matter of fact, business principles serve as the backbone for economic, social, and political systems at all levels in any country in the world. The College of  Business Administration and Accountancy programs were awarded Level III and Level II by the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities, Accrediting Agency, Inc. (ACSCU-AAI) respectively.  A Five-Year RE-accreditation Status from 2014 – May 2019 was granted to these programs on May 2014 in recognition of its continuing commitment to quality education in its Business Administration and Accountancy programs undergirded with faithful Christian values anchored on faith, character and service towards institutional and national growth and development on the occasion of the 29th ACSCU-AAI National Assembly held at Greenleaf, General Santos City, Philippines.  Business Administration and Accountancy degrees develop skills need to be successful in almost every sector of business.

Many students obtain business degrees to help advance their careers. No matter what field you intend to succeed in, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) will provide the fundamental business, management, and administrative skills to help you reach your goals.  Your degree from Philippine Christian University will teach not only business skills and knowledge, but communication and computer skills as well. If you are seeking to start your career in the challenging world of business or self -employment, a degree in Business Administration and Accountancy, can give you the competitive edge to succeed.

To our prospective students, the College is a builder of combined business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives and professional imbued with Christian values responsive to the needs of the Philippine economy.  It aims to develop the business professional with integrity of character and genuine interests in extending service and in upholding the human dignity of their colleagues.  Since its birth in 1965, the College, which initially offered Accounting, Marketing, Management, Finance, and in addition, the  Secretarial course, continue its progressive specialization where the College of Accountancy was also departmentalized.

The College was then restructured and became the Center for Business, Economics and Accountancy (CBEA) in 1990. In another milestone, the CBEA was then restructured with a new title, the College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA).   At the moment the College offers various programs for prospective students who want to enroll in business programs, like, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management, Operations Management, Financial Management, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA)  and Micro-Finance and the Bachelor of Science in Office Administration (BSOA).   In addition, because of the challenges of time and industry trends of similar important field business of specialization, the College is compelled to address this market opportunity in offering new programs in the field of Real Estate Management (REM), Customs Administration (CA), Bachelor of Science in Criminology (BSCrim), Human Resource Management, Accounting Technology, and Legal Management which were offered and implemented beginning School Year 2018-2019.   

Likewise, we are offering the Program for Accelerated College Education (PACE) which caters to working students and other prospective students who desire to complete a degree in business administration and accountancy, but whose time does not warrant attending regular classes. This program fits to group of prospective students.  For more information, link to our website and visit our office.  Consider being educated and trained in our institution.

The College invites you to search the university website and link to https://www.pcu.edu.ph.  You may also contact us to speak to an admissions coordinator who will guide you through the application and admissions process through our telephone numbers 8521-3244 or mobile number 09270087700 and we will be glad to answer your queries.  We welcome you to take advantage of our Bachelor of Science in Business and Accountancy Programs which offer you with opportunities to gain knowledge and attitude of professionalism necessary to fashion a positive impact on the global environment.  The College will help groom you to become conscientious business entrepreneurs, executives and professionals through the norms, standards and behaviors that are incorporated in the excellent teaching and curricula and other academic provisions.

The coherent sequence of courses in the business curriculum will train each student to become an articulate raconteur, a critical thinker, a socially oriented, a globally aggressive business individual, a leader, an entrepreneur oriented, and a spiritually inspired person. Visit us now through our Web site.  Welcome to the College of Business Administration and Accountancy.  We at CBAA, helps you shape your future career.  To God be the glory!

Dean, College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA) & concurrent Dean, Graduate School of Business and Management (GSBM)

The Graduate School of Business and Management

The Graduate School of Business and Management (GSBM), in its effort to answer the needs of professionals in business, government and service organization sectors, has developed graduate programs that will equip participants not only with theories, concepts, and techniques, but also with their applications based on current settings.

The GSBM includes Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Master in Management (MM) graduate programs.  The programs are less structured and they leave much room for flexibility on the part of the program participants.  These programs will aid students in coping with the complex problems of the global environment.