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Virtual Grand Salubong

The past years have been rough and dark for all of us. Workers fighting on the frontlines are exhausted. We’ve made several adjustments and online distance learning was not an easy challenge. A BIG CHANGE.

But this year, we will bring the colors back to this pandemic-stricken world and spread the hues as far as we can.

CASSW students are you ready?

The College of Arts, Sciences, and Social Work will be having its Virtual Grand Salubong 2021.

We open the school year with open hearts to what it brings. Save the dates and see you soon, virtually!

Hidilyn Diaz

Congratulations to Hidilyn and all our athletes!

The whole PCU community believes that the fruits of hard work, perseverance, resiliency, and focus are strength, power, and humility, even in the midst of uncertainty.

HIDILYN DIAZ epitomizes what the entire PCU community aspires for. Through Hidilyn’s great efforts, we learned that “all things are possible”; that winning the elusive “gold” is achievable, if only we believe in the powers of prayers and in self-fortitude.

Congratulations to Hidilyn and all our athletes for showing the world that we can be what we wish to be if we focus our hearts and minds towards our dreams, whatever they might be.

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The PCU community condoles with the family of former President of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III


The PCU community condoles with the family of former President of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III, who passed away morning of 24th June 2021.

       The son of democracy icons, Benigno Aquino, Jr. and former President Corazon C. Aquino, President Noynoy, as he was fondly called, paved the way for the country’s development, surpassing the economic gains of his predecessor. 

       Rappler, during a 25th June 2016 interview wrote,
In his farewell addresses to different departments and offices in his final week as Chief Executive, Aquino has the same message: After his roller coaster of emotions over the last 6 years, he is getting off with a smile, his head held high.” 

      As he leaves this world, the PCU community sends him off with a promise that like him, we will continue to shape and witness among our students and stakeholders what faith, character, and service genuinely mean.

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INILUNSAD ng Philippine Christian University ang kanilang bersyon ng Community Pantry noong Lunes, Abril 26, 2021, sa pangunguna nina Dr. Junifen F. Gauuan (Pangulo ng Pamantasan) at Dr. Margie DG Dela Cruz (Direktor ng Gawain Panlabas).

Namahagi ang Pamantasan ng tulong para sa Barangay 694 na nasasakupan nito. Kabilang sa tumulong ang External Affairs Office – Community Extension Services, PCU IT Department sa pangunguna ni Assoc. Prof. Mario G. Miranda II, Brgy 694 – Kapitana Margret Reyna at mga kagawad, mga dalubguro, kawani at mga mag-aaral ng PCU-Graduate School.

Ang proyekto ay inspirasyon sa naging simulain ni Bb. Patricia Non ng Maginhawa Street, Quezon City. Tama lang na “Magbigay ayon sa Kakayahan…. Kumuha ayon sa Pangangaila­ngan.

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PCU Lion Club Oath


1st Row (left to right): Dr. Adonis Andilab, Mr. Mark Jetro Cababan, Dr. Junifen Gauuan, Dr. Margie Dela Cruz, Dr. Vida Jimenez, Ms. Joannah Rosales, Prof. Jeffrey Perida, Ms. Susana Zantua. 2nd Row (left to right): Dr. Joselito Dela Cruz, Dr. Immanuel Managuelod, Ms. Anna Karissa Aviso, Dr. Francis Christie Arnado, Dr. Jeanet Parreño, Dr. Erwin Zabala, Prof. Ariel Pineda, Dr. Roberto Celebre, Dr. Estrellita Bautista, Prof. Mario Miranda II, Ms. Milagros Acebedo, Ms. Glenda Cerbas, Prof. Sandra Navarro, Dr. Putli Martha Ijiran, Dr. Russwell Gariando. Inducting Officer: DG Paulina Tan, MJH

THE world’s renowned business and civic organization Lions Club International launched the Manila PCU Lions Club District 301 – A3 in a well-attended ceremony at the newly refurbished Multipurpose Hall of the Philippine Christian University in its Manila Campus this 3rd day of March 2021.

Leading the much awaited event is University President and Lions Club Charter President Junifen F. Gauuan, PhD who delivered his inaugural address to an audience whose names are the crème – de la – crème in the business and civic organizations not only in the Philippines but in other countries. The well attended launching ceremony saw the likes of Lion Ramon Wong, President, Manila Divisoria Lions Club, Lion Edward Hong, Bishop Emergencio D. Padillo, Chairman of Board of Trustees (PCU), CS Lion Maria Luisa San Juan, DG. Paulina Tan, MJF, guest of honor and speaker, Lion Margie DG Dela Cruz, PhD, PCU’s Director for External Affairs, FVDG Daniel Ching, 2PMJF, PDG Henry Junior Tiu, PMJF, Lion Junifen F. Gauuan, Ph.D., CC/PDG Dr. Elisa Valdez, PMJF, PDG Lolita Corpuz, PMJF, FVDG Daniel Ching, 2PMJF.

Closing the ceremony is Lion Adonis A. Andilab, Ph.D., the University’s Doctoral ­Program Chairperson.

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CHED Upholds PCU’s Autonomy

“All glory to Jesus Christ, our Lord, for sustaining Philippine Christian University with heavenly favors that go beyond words and numbers.”

The University President, Junifen F. Gauuan, Ph.D, gave his statement on the upholding by CHED of PCU’s autonomous status. He accords due recognition of the university officers and of the entire academic community for observing due diligence that yielded positive results in the most recent CHED’s evaluation of PCU’s caliber as a Higher Educational Institution (HEI).

Dr. Gauuan noted that the retention of autonomous status puts the University in a much more challenging position which requires the entire institution to arise in facing up to global standards. In doing so, he pointed to the need for the rapid and comprehensive transformation of the institution’s academic processes, infrastructure, technology and leadership.

Contrary to the chilling effect of the seemingly unending wait for CHED’s announcement, thrills of joy overtook everyone’s heart when the good tidings that PCU retains its autonomy finally came. It is noteworthy that CHED’s affirmation came just a few days after PCU celebrated its 73rd Founding Anniversary: this leaves a sense of elation among us all!

Although this reward was long-awaited for and caused wild cheers and appreciation for the fruit of unified and diligent work of the entire academic community, it nevertheless creates a humbling realization of what Paul, in his letter to the Christians in Philippi said, “For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it in the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6).” Indeed, God marked to unfold, on this day, the partial completion of the good work He started with the founding fathers of our beloved institution. The phrase ‘partial completion’ connotes that the good work, which God initiated through PCU’s Christ-centered founding fathers, has yet to be completed in full. This calls for more of due diligence in guarding our ranks as God-fearing stewards of this academic institution.

Let us always remember that victory begins with small beginnings, as did happen with our founding fathers. So, let us watch very carefully each stride we take to avoid unnecessary pitfalls. 

Mabuhay PCU for God’s glory!


** excerpts from the Christian Cord Newsletter, October – December 2019 issue (Volume 15 Number 2)



Under the initiative of the Office of Student Affairs’ (OSA) Director, Rev. Lelinda Mugot, PCU is finally part of the P2A Program.
Passage to ASEAN (P2A) is gateway to collaboration among academic institutions within the 12 ASEAN-member countries including the Philippines. Its primary objective is promotion of borderless international student mobilization within the region aimed at building and fostering strong connections, sharing knowledge, and developing the cultural intelligence of the ASEAN community.

PCU launches its active engagement in P2A by hosting a two-day educational journey program for student delegates from Rangsit University (RU), Thailand on July 15-16, 2019. Short, as it may be, this engagement sparked connectivity between PCU and RU when a handful of PCU academic officers, in one of their official travels to Thailand, visited Rangsit University. Their discussions focused on possibilities and opportunities for collaboration towards promotion of inbound and outbound student and faculty academic and cultural exchange programs.


** excerpts from the Christian Cord Newsletter, October – December 2019 issue (Volume 15 Number 2)


Visiting one of the oldest church in Manila